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Nørre Vorupør (or Vorupør) is a small authentic fishing village with approximately 800 inhabitants. For several centuries, the spot has been a hub of inshore fishing.

The core of the town is dominated by the houses along the long street Vesterhavsgade, which takes you to the landing area, the heart of the fishing village. Some of the warehouses in the landing area are still in use and bear witness to the history of the fishing village. Side-by-side with these warehouses, lie the various shops, cafés and tourist attractions that give the town its distinctive character. In the Nordsøakvariet aquarium, you can see fish from the North Sea, and there are many activities for children.

While the traditional occupation was fishery, it is today mainly a small-scale tourist resort, known for its beaches, nature and relative unspoiltness, as compared to other resorts. Nørre Vorupør is situated in the middle of the National Park Thy which was inaugurated in 2008, however, the vast dune and heath areas surrounding the village have been protected areas for some decades.

In their heyday, there were 27 large coasting vessels fishing from Nørre Vorupør, but when the harbour in Hanstholm opened in 1967, many fishermen moved their activities to Hanstholm. Today, many hobby fishermen sail out from Nørre Vorupør landing area.

The coast outside Nørre Vorupør has also become an popular place for surfers.

The NørreVorupør lifeboat station is also at the landing area. As many as 621 people were rescued from here in the period from 1851 to 1986, and the lifeboat station still plays an important role along the coast.

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