Webcam from Denmark, Hanstholm, Middles

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LOCAL WEATHER FOR Hanstholm, Middles

DESCRIPTION OF Hanstholm, Middles

This location called ?Middles? is just 1km east of Hanstholm harbor where many wind- and kite surfer meet by strong north and north western winds.

The shallow and rocky waters around Middles and the ?Fish factory? is the hot spot for advanced and Pro Surfer.

Hanstholm extended his harbor in 2019 for more than 500 million Danish kroner and is hearby one of the major harbors for fishing industry in Denmark.

During the 2. WW Europe`s biggest fortress was built in Hanstholm by the Germans. It`s fore 38cm guns could fire 495-kilogram (1,091 lb) projectiles 55 kilometers (34 mi), or an 800 kg (1,800 lb) shell 42 km (26 mi). Today are parts of this bunker fortress open for visitors.

South of Hanstholm can tourists enjoy Denmark?s oldest national park ?Thy? that spans over 55km from north to south and covers 244 km2 (94 square miles)