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The Camera is situated in the center of Cold Hawaii on the West coast of Denmark. The perfect place for surfing, paddle surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing. NASA (North Atlantic Surf Association) is the local surf club.

Klitmøller Reef

This HD webcam is situated at the Klitmøller surf house and shows the reef and parts of the bay.
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Vorupør is a good place for surfing and has fantastic opportunities for angling in the North Sea and with fishing tours to the Yellow reef.


In the canal, just close to the camera spot, a very fine protected sandy beach for bathing. There are very good fishing oppurtunities from the jetty or the beach, and there are numeorous restaurants with excellent seafood.

Hvide Sande North

The camera, on the roof of Westwind shop, shows the area where the windsurfing school operates and also the waterskiing resort.

Hvide Sande West

The camera, close to the entrance of the port, follows the construction of the new port site, the windmills from Vestas and a good surf spot south of the port.

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